What’s this all about?

My aim with this book is to help bring some clarity and a sense of direction to adults and younger people alike.

As an adult, if you find yourself kind of stuck, say you’ve had a fair amount of experiences up to this point, you are financially independent and overall pretty content but feel you kind of lost contact with some of your dreams and aspirations from around…10 years ago…keep on reading.

Or, if you’re a student who feels overwhelmed in today’s world where we’re all constantly flooded by the online medium which fights for each second of our attention and distorts reality by feeding us fake reference points…keep on reading. Read More

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About the Autho this guy who all of a sudden started…writing books? I mean…what’s up with that? What? He even narrated his work and turned it into an audiobook? Sheesh

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“I don’t actually write with these sunglasses on” – Shumu


Shumu is a photographer, guitarist, songwriter and music teacher based in Bucharest, Romania.

Constantly looking to expand his knowledge through books, podcasts, conferences – and now trying to synthesize the information gathered throughout the years. And share it with you in a pretty organized and rational way.